About Backwater Cruise

A sense of floating ; leaving all the deadlines tensions and worries to take a back seat. This is what we assures you welcoming to our own God’s Own Country. A complete trance to an entire new world , moving through the beautiful rivers and backwaters of Kerala.

Searching for Houseboats in Kerala and back water cruise destinations in Kerala?
Well then, we are the answer – providing you all the modern amenities to enjoy the beauty of nature in all its charm in an eco-friendly environment. Houseboats, Motorboats, Shikkara Kayak – if it’s a cruise in backwaters you are looking for then BACKWATER CRUISE is your partner, the best service providers in Kerala leading to an amazing and adventurous world of delights and tranquility.

What weOffer

A back water cruise is the perfect dreamful holiday one can gift to your soul mate who is to start a new life with you. So come with your friends and family and enjoy the serene beauty of Kerala backwaters with BACK WATER CRUISE.